Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Departing again (or rather a return)

After a break to work on other projects DepartureLounge Collective is busy making new experimental music.

We are reimagining a project we did about 12 years ago called 30 Days in September. This time round James Stephenson and Paul J Abbott are writing a new piece every day through September 2014 and publishing the results on the 30 days blog. At the end we will get together and look at what we have written and work out the best way to perform it. Check it out:

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Departure Lounge @ the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool - This Saturday!

This Saturday, 27th February, in a world premiere, Paul J. Abbott and Departure Lounge will perform at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool as part of their Musician's Gallery series. Departure Lounge will invite the Gallery itself to perform, weaving a promenade programmme of the sounds of the Gallery, of its visitors and staff, together with songs and instrumental music through 400 years of imagery.

Visitors can pass through, stop or join in, contributing to the evolving composition with noises, comments, jottings and doodles, leading to a performance that's both fresh and responsive to the vibes and echoes of the building.

The performance includes a new take on the heritage of Northern English traditional song, and also music for King Henry VIII, to be performed in front of Holbein's famous picture of him. This week the performance will be in short segments from 12 noon until 4 pm: come when and for as long as you wish!

Along with some familiar faces, we'll be welcoming our newest Lounger, Helen Temperley, performing on vocals, viola and percussion.

More details on line at Hope to see you all there!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Departure Lounge on Facebook... and upcoming performances

For those of you following the Departure Lounge blog, you can now keep up with our latest goings on through the wonders of Facebook by going to

We also have some performances on the way... full details will appear here soon, but anyone within reach of Liverpool might want to check out the Walker Art Gallery on the afternoon of Saturday 27 February - for full details, watch this space!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Its been a while...

Well... we've had a busy few months, to say the least. The Cabaret Electronica project has produced several demo tracks - after hooking up with singer (and new honorary lounger) Sarah Glayzer ( - we'll share them soon, for sure.
In the meantime, James has been composing in the Orkney islands and rebuilding his website at (final version coming soon) - Paul is working on an enormous project based around the history and culture of Salford, and Gina's been working on a radio play, not to mention having a piece staged at the Contact theatre ( a couple of months back.
So no news is good news, as they say... but the latest lounge offerings are progressing well, and we'll be sharing a few sneak previews with you all before too long.
Happy lounging.
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